Ask the duct cleaners: Our most frequently asked questions, answered.

Hi Tech Feb 2019 - Ask the duct cleaners_ Our most frequently asked questions, answered BLOG

Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has been around since 1995, serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana areas. When you’ve been in business that long, you start to see patterns and trends, including in the questions we are asked most often.


And since we want to make sure you have all the answers you need to make informed decisions about caring for your home and family, we decided to create a new series, “Ask the Duct Cleaner”.

In this series we will take some of the most frequently asked questions we hear and have our CEO, Aaron Cain, give you the answers. Read on for February’s edition of ‘Ask the Duct Cleaner:


Question #1: How do I know my ducts need to be cleaned?

If you haven’t had it done in a few years (or ever) and you can answer ‘yes’ to any or all of the following questions…..

  • Do you find yourself dusting multiple times a week?
  • Have you recently completed a remodel?
  • Do you or someone in your home have allergies and/or chronic illnesses? Does someone in your home have an immune system disorder?
  • Do you have pets or lots of traffic through your home?

If you answered yes to any of those and it’s been more than 3 years since your last duct cleaning appointment, then it’s time to schedule again.


Question #2: How often should I have them cleaned?

Every 3-5 years is the average unless someone in your home has illness, allergies, or you have other extenuating circumstances. We recently wrote an article on this very topic. If you want some more in-depth info on when to schedule, check out “How Often Should You Clean Your Ductwork?”


Question #3: What time of the year is best to have your ductwork cleaned?

Any time during the year is just fine. It really all depends on when your family needs it, when your schedule and budget can accommodate it, and if there are any circumstances which may cause you to need it done at a certain time. If you don’t have any pressing issues, then here are some other things to consider when deciding when to schedule:

  • Summer is a great time to do it because of mold and other outdoor allergens

  • Winter can also be a good time because the house is all sealed up against the cold weather and indoor allergens can become more problematic. Duct cleaning may also help increase energy efficiency and lower your bill.


Question #4: Will duct cleaning help with mold?

Yes and no. If you suspect that you have mold, you should have your home tested to confirm that and then contact a remediation or restoration company because duct cleaning by itself is often not enough to completely rid a home of mold.

If you have taken those steps, then duct cleaning can absolutely help you get rid of a mold issue! Along with our typical duct cleaning process, we apply an antimicrobial spray at no extra charge (it kills mold, bacteria, allergens, and also things like pet dander and pollen).


Question #5: What’s the deal with companies offering those “Whole house for $59.99” deals?

Its a scam. Often, when these companies come into a home they use a “bait and switch” process where they add on tons of other services and fees. Homeowners using these companies routinely find themselves on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of services which should have been included in the base price. What’s worse is that the work they perform is typically of poor quality and we are often called in to do it correctly and fix their shoddy job.

With Hi Tech Duct Cleaning, we have no hidden costs and no add-ons. We have a set base price for the first 10 vents and a set price for every vent over the first 10. If you can count and calculate tax, then you can figure out your final cost.

Yes, our price is higher than the companies advertising $59.99 for an entire home, but when we are finished you’ll know it was done correctly and you won’t need to pay another company to fix our work.

And after all, it’s common sense. Think about it this way: How can a company afford to come to your home at all for only $59.99? With that low fee, how can they afford gas, maintenance on vehicles and equipment, and pay their staff a legal wage?

Answer: they can’t. Don’t be fooled by something that’s too good to be true.


Do you have a question you’d like to ask the duct cleaner? Leave your question in the comments and we might include it in the next installment!

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