Why equipment matters when it comes to duct cleaning

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There are lots of duct cleaning companies out there, and many use very different sets of equipment. This is something you might have never thought about before, but it can make a big difference as to whether or not you get your money’s worth out of a duct cleaning.   Not all duct cleaning equipment is created equal and knowing just a little bit about the differences in what’s out there and what is and isn’t effective can help you make an informed choice when you hire a company to clean your ductwork. And of course, the alternative is that [...]

How Quarantine Affects Your Ductwork

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It’s August and most of us have been working from home and mostly hanging out in the house since March.  That’s roughly 6 months of time spent indoors. Most friends and family are sharing that their house is a bit of wreck from everyone being home so much. Kids who are bored making messes, adults trying to work, parent, homeschool, and still maintain their home…. Well, it all leads to a situation where things are a bit more messy than usual.    But have you given any thought to the messes you can’t see? Let me explain. When you and [...]

Don’t Fall For It: Duct Cleaning Scams

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COVID-19 has been a bit of a double-edged sword for the duct cleaning world. On one hand, it has driven many of the illegitimate companies that routinely scam people out of the market, which is great. But it has also meant that many homeowners are (understandably) budget-conscious and looking for good deals right now as many have taken a financial hit themselves.  This means that the scammy duct cleaners who remain in business are desperate to book you and they are currently smelling an opportunity to prey on your desire to find a deal. You’ll probably start to see ads [...]

Getting Your Ductwork Cleaned Amid COVID-19

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States are starting to open back up and relax some of the social distancing measures, which means that restaurants, stores, and businesses like ours are trying to find a new normal. Of course, that means that families like yours are also trying to find a new normal and you probably have questions like…   How much should I go out? Should I wear a mask? Is it safe to have people working in my house? Should THEY wear a mask?   Plus probably a hundred other questions, right? Well, we can’t answer all of them, but we can tell you [...]

How to Keep Your Home Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Right now is a scary time. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has swept through the US, causing schools and restaurants to close, grocery supplies to be scarce, and officials are telling people to distance themselves from others as much as possible.    Although this virus will pass and most will be just fine, it’s still a very real threat to the health of millions across the country (and the world). How to keep your home and your family as safe and healthy as possible is at the forefront of most peoples’ minds right now.    It’s not possible to 100% prevent anyone [...]

Your Healthy Home Guide for Spring

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Spring is here and that means increasing temperatures, the desire to open windows and let in the breeze, and of course, more things to do both inside and outside your home. For many, it also means that your family is looking to do some Spring cleaning and shake off the dust of winter, preparing for the season ahead.    In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some common (and not-so-common) things you can do to make sure that your family is healthy and your home is clean and running like a well-oiled machine this Spring and Summer.    [...]

What is dust, anyway?

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Every household on planet Earth contains dust. It’s just a fact of life, and an unavoidable one at that. You probably dust and vacuum regularly and otherwise rarely think about those pesky particles gathering on the edges of picture frames or the dust motes you see drifting in the air when the sun shines through your window.  But we are duct cleaners and we deal with dust and airborne contaminants every day. And since we see and handle more of it than your average bear, we thought we’d share a little primer on exactly what’s floating around your home and [...]

All Your Questions About Duct Cleaning – Answered

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Duct cleaning is an industry with a lot of misconceptions. On top of that, much of the public doesn’t know a ton about it. So if you think you may need your ductwork cleaned or you have questions about the process - where are you supposed to turn?   It can be frustrating finding answers, so we’re here to help. Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has long been acknowledged as one of the leading duct cleaners in the United States by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), setting the standard for quality and technique. We’ve been featured on Dateline NBC [...]

Cold Weather, Hot Home-Care Tips

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Cold weather has arrived to our corner of the world. As you prepare to hang holiday lights, make snowmen, and fire up the furnace we have some tips to keep you, your family, and your wallet warm all winter long.  First up, let’s talk about what you can do on the outside of your home.    Check your gutters, drains, and window wells.  Take the time now to make sure all of your gutters, drains, and window wells are clear of leaves, debris, and any possible blockages. This will hopefully keep you from needing to venture out into the snow [...]

3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Winter

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Autumn is here and winter will soon be on its way. Where we’re located in Southern Ohio, that often means snow, ice, and plunging temperatures. You may already be pulling sweaters, fluffy coats, and insulated boots out of your closet in anticipation of the changing weather, but have you thought about how best to prepare your home? Here are three easy tips you can use to make sure your home is winter-ready:  Check your windows Windows are one of the primary means of cold air entering your home and warm air leaving it. Unless you have brand new windows, it’s [...]