How did that get in there? Photo of a man with glasses making a disgusted face

How did THAT Get in There?!

Have you ever had a funky smell invade your home and you can’t seem to find the source? Or maybe all of a sudden you’re sneezing a lot but you’ve never had allergies before? Or perhaps everyone in your house just keeps getting sick and no one can find out why it’s happening so frequently?

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Image with the words "Spring is coming - are your dryer vents ready" over a bright green background. To the right of those words is a photo of a clogged home dryer vent

Spring is Coming – Are Your Dryer Vents Ready?

Spring is on its way, and with it comes mating season for all the local birds. This may seem like an issue completely unrelated to duct cleaning, but it’s actually not. Each spring, birds start to build nests in preparation for laying eggs and raising baby birds. But sometimes in the quest for a safe

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Air Quality, Your Brain, & Productivity

The air you breathe has a huge effect on your overall well-being and health. You may have already known that, but new research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that this is even more true than previously suspected. In fact, the quality (or lack thereof) of air in your home or

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Photo of a stethoscope on a blue background with text that says 'Healthcare and Services Like Duct Cleaning'

Healthcare and Services like Duct Cleaning

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of being in an enclosed space like a house, airplane, or restaurant where we’ve had some sort of reaction to someone’s perfume or a possible allergen that we couldn’t get away from. Maybe it made you feel nauseous or maybe you even broke out into hives or

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What to Expect When You Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Duct cleaning is a great service that can bring many benefits to your household and your family. But like anything else in life, it doesn’t solve all of your problems. Also like everything else in life, the key to being satisfied and content is often knowing what is reasonable to expect and what isn’t.  What

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