Hi Tech Oct 2020 - Can COVID live in your Ductwork BLOG IMAGE

Can COVID live in your Ductwork?

No one really knows yet if COVID-19 can live in your ductwork. But what we do know is that air and contaminants are regularly circulated through ductwork and through rooms in businesses and homes via their duct systems.    If COVID enters your home, there is a chance it could continue to exist in your

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Hi Tech Sept 2020 - Why equipment matters when it comes to duct cleaning BLOG IMAGE

Why equipment matters when it comes to duct cleaning

There are lots of duct cleaning companies out there, and many use very different sets of equipment. This is something you might have never thought about before, but it can make a big difference as to whether or not you get your money’s worth out of a duct cleaning.   Not all duct cleaning equipment

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Hi Tech Aug 2020 - How Quarantine Effects Your Ductwork BLOG IMAGE

How Quarantine Affects Your Ductwork

It’s August and most of us have been working from home and mostly hanging out in the house since March.  That’s roughly 6 months of time spent indoors. Most friends and family are sharing that their house is a bit of wreck from everyone being home so much. Kids who are bored making messes, adults

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Hi Tech July 2020 - Don't fall for it - duct cleaning scams BLOG IMAGE

Don’t Fall For It: Duct Cleaning Scams

COVID-19 has been a bit of a double-edged sword for the duct cleaning world. On one hand, it has driven many of the illegitimate companies that routinely scam people out of the market, which is great. But it has also meant that many homeowners are (understandably) budget-conscious and looking for good deals right now as

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Hi Tech June 2020 - Getting Your Ductwork Cleaned Amid COVID-19 BLOG IMAGE

Getting Your Ductwork Cleaned Amid COVID-19

States are starting to open back up and relax some of the social distancing measures, which means that restaurants, stores, and businesses like ours are trying to find a new normal. Of course, that means that families like yours are also trying to find a new normal and you probably have questions like…   How

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How to Keep Your Home Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now is a scary time. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has swept through the US, causing schools and restaurants to close, grocery supplies to be scarce, and officials are telling people to distance themselves from others as much as possible.    Although this virus will pass and most will be just fine, it’s still a very

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