Air Quality, Your Brain, & Productivity

The air you breathe has a huge effect on your overall well-being and health. You may have already known that, but new research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that this is even more true than previously suspected. In fact, the quality (or lack thereof) of air in your home or

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Photo of a stethoscope on a blue background with text that says 'Healthcare and Services Like Duct Cleaning'

Healthcare and Services like Duct Cleaning

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of being in an enclosed space like a house, airplane, or restaurant where we’ve had some sort of reaction to someone’s perfume or a possible allergen that we couldn’t get away from. Maybe it made you feel nauseous or maybe you even broke out into hives or

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What to Expect When You Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Duct cleaning is a great service that can bring many benefits to your household and your family. But like anything else in life, it doesn’t solve all of your problems. Also like everything else in life, the key to being satisfied and content is often knowing what is reasonable to expect and what isn’t.  What

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What Should Duct Cleaning Cost?

One of the biggest questions a homeowner has when they are considering whether or not to have their ductwork cleaned is always the cost. Understandably, you want to make sure that your hard-earned money is being well-spent and that you aren’t overpaying. But in the duct cleaning industry, costs can vary widely depending on which

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Why Fall is the Best Time to Have your DuctWork Cleaned

Summer is coming to an end in our corner of the world and whether you’re a lover of sunshine or you’re looking forward to bonfires and pumpkin carving, one thing is for sure: fall is duct cleaning season. That may not be an obvious fact, but there are actually lots of good reasons that back

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