Other Peoples’ Dirt

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You've heard us say before that if you buy a new house or finish renovations on your home, you should have your ductwork cleaned afterward to help remove the dust and debris. But you may not realize that it’s often a good idea to have the ductwork cleaned when you buy an existing home, also. Much to our regret, not everyone knows how beneficial duct cleaning is and that means that many homes have never had it done. Still more may have it had it done a long time ago, but not in recent years. And when they go to [...]

Who you gonna call (when things go really wrong)?

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Things happen. Pipes burst, mold blooms, homes burn down, have soot blown everywhere, or even experience pest infestations. And when things like that go wrong, you probably call experts in restoration services, cleaning services, remediation, and more. As you should.  But did you know that those companies often call in additional specialists to help them ensure they thoroughly deal with whatever problems are plaguing a business or home?  They absolutely do, and when the ductwork or air quality in a building is compromised many of them call in duct cleaners to fix the problem. Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has been [...]

Duct Cleaning Behind the Scenes, Then and Now: Part 2

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Hi Tech Duct Cleaning, Inc. is a business that has been on the cutting edge of duct cleaning for a very long time. In last month’s blog post (part 1 of this series), we interviewed Hi Tech’s founder and original owner, Steve Wladysh. Steve walked us through what it was like starting the company, what compelled him to do it, and some of the early issues facing the industry. Steve Wladysh retired in 2015, and his son-in-law, Aaron Cain, took over the business. Aaron has now been running the business for almost 5 years and is ushering it into a [...]

Duct Cleaning Behind the Scenes, Then and Now: Part 1

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Hi Tech Duct Cleaning, Inc. is a business that has been on the cutting edge of duct cleaning for a very long time. We’ve consistently set the bar high in the industry, been featured on national news programs, held up as a standard by the National Duct Cleaners Association, and are referred by over 170 heating and air companies.   But how does a company get to that point? What drives it?   We thought that the answers to these questions, and a look at both the past and future of Hi Tech, would be both interesting and helpful for [...]

How to spot a scammer

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Spring is here, and along with birds singing and plants coming back to life we often start to see ads for unscrupulous duct cleaning companies popping up everywhere this time of year. It seems that scams bloom right along with the flowers in spring. Maybe you or someone you love has been thinking of getting your ductwork cleaned but you’re worried about falling prey to unethical companies. Your fear is (unfortunately) not misplaced. However, there are some telltale signs you can look for that give away sleazy duct cleaning companies every time. In no particular order, here they are:   [...]

Spring is coming and so are clogged dryer vents

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Spring is on its way, and with it comes mating season for all the local birds. You may be wondering why in the world a duct cleaning blog would be spending time talking about birds and mating seasons, but trust us when we say it’s actually a big issue in our world.   Each spring, birds start to build nests in preparation for laying eggs and raising baby birds. But sometimes in the quest for a safe spot, birds choose dryer vent openings as the location for their new nest and this causes big problems for homeowners.   As a [...]

Ask the duct cleaners: Our most frequently asked questions, answered.

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Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has been around since 1995, serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana areas. When you’ve been in business that long, you start to see patterns and trends, including in the questions we are asked most often.   And since we want to make sure you have all the answers you need to make informed decisions about caring for your home and family, we decided to create a new series, “Ask the Duct Cleaner”. In this series we will take some of the most frequently asked questions we hear and have our CEO, Aaron Cain, [...]

How often should you have your ductwork cleaned?

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One of the questions we at Hi Tech Duct Cleaning hear a lot is “how often should ductwork be cleaned anyway?”. It’s a good question, but as with many things in life, the answer is often “it depends”.   The average home will need to have it done every 3-5 years. That’s a safe estimate to ensure that your ductwork stays clean and that no problems like caked-on debris or mold have a chance to get a foothold in there over the years. However, some homes can reasonably go longer than that and some should have it done more often. [...]

5 Reasons Duct Cleaning is a Great Investment in Your Home & Family

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When you think about investments you may picture stocks and bonds, which is a pretty narrow definition of the word ‘investment’. Or you may even picture more abstract investments,, such as investing in your health by joining a gym or investing in your family’s future by completing a degree or training course. But investing is really putting time, energy and money into something that pays off later. And your investment strategy should include your home. Although duct cleaning doesn’t often come to mind when people think about how to invest wisely in their future, we argue that it should. And [...]

Why You Need to Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned This Fall or Winter

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 fires linked to clogged dryer vents are reported each year, causing an average of 55 deaths, 380 injuries and nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in property damage. That’s a lot. Ask any firefighter you encounter and many of them will tell you to clean out your lint trap every chance you get because they’ve seen the consequences of not doing so first-hand. But did you know that it isn’t always just lint buildup that leads to dryer vent clogs? Over the years, Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has cleaned thousands [...]