What is dust, anyway?

Every household on planet Earth contains dust. It’s just a fact of life, and an unavoidable one at that. You probably dust and vacuum regularly and otherwise rarely think about those pesky particles gathering on the edges of picture frames or the dust motes you see drifting in the air when the sun shines through your window.  But we are duct cleaners and we deal with dust and airborne contaminants every day. And since we see and handle more of it than your average bear, we thought we’d share a little primer on exactly what’s floating around your home and [...]

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The Intersection of Healthcare and Services like Duct Cleaning

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of being in an enclosed space like a house, airplane, or restaurant where we’ve had some sort of reaction to someone’s perfume or a possible allergen that we couldn’t get away from. Maybe it made you feel nauseous or maybe you even broke out into hives or had a serious physical reaction.  Either way, although we may not consciously think about it, we all know that indoor air quality can have a big, immediate impact on how we feel and how well our body functions. But how much have you thought through [...]

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Duct Cleaning Behind the Scenes, Then and Now: Part 2

Hi Tech Duct Cleaning, Inc. is a business that has been on the cutting edge of duct cleaning for a very long time. In last month’s blog post (part 1 of this series), we interviewed Hi Tech’s founder and original owner, Steve Wladysh. Steve walked us through what it was like starting the company, what compelled him to do it, and some of the early issues facing the industry. Steve Wladysh retired in 2015, and his son-in-law, Aaron Cain, took over the business. Aaron has now been running the business for almost 5 years and is ushering it into a [...]

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How often should you have your ductwork cleaned?

One of the questions we at Hi Tech Duct Cleaning hear a lot is “how often should ductwork be cleaned anyway?”. It’s a good question, but as with many things in life, the answer is often “it depends”.   The average home will need to have it done every 3-5 years. That’s a safe estimate to ensure that your ductwork stays clean and that no problems like caked-on debris or mold have a chance to get a foothold in there over the years. However, some homes can reasonably go longer than that and some should have it done more often. [...]

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Duct cleaning can help you save on your energy bill this summer!

If you are like many Americans, the monthly electric bill can be a source of dismay. And perhaps you’ve already tried everything from unplugging devices and appliances to getting more energy efficient light bulbs, but would still like to see that bill do down a bit further. But have you examined the role your HVAC system plays in this yet? Probably not, but we can help. Many homes have not had their ductwork cleaned in many years or even since they were first built. If your home falls into that category, then know that dust and debris builds up in [...]

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Springtime allergies driving you nuts? Try These 3 Things to Reduce Your Symptoms.

It’s that time of year again. The grass, trees, and flowers are starting to wake up and sprout new leaves and blooms. Although it’s beautiful and the warmer weather is a welcome change for most of us, spring can be a frustrating season for allergy sufferers. With this season comes increased pollen, mold, dander, and a myriad of other irritants that can make you want to buy stock in Kleenex and eye drops. Although there isn’t much anyone can do prevent these allergens altogether, you absolutely can decrease their presence in your home. Over time dust, pollen, mold, and pet [...]

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