Duct cleaning can help you save on your energy bill this summer!

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If you are like many Americans, the monthly electric bill can be a source of dismay. And perhaps you’ve already tried everything from unplugging devices and appliances to getting more energy efficient light bulbs, but would still like to see that bill do down a bit further. But have you examined the role your HVAC system plays in this yet?

Probably not, but we can help. Many homes have not had their ductwork cleaned in many years or even since they were first built. If your home falls into that category, then know that dust and debris builds up in your ductwork over time as the system pulls air through the lines. As this buildup becomes denser, your system must work harder to do its job of delivering heat or cold air throughout the home. In order to do that most furnaces kick on more frequently and run longer, resulting in a higher energy bill.

According to a recent article by NADCA, a dirty system can even utilize up to 37% more energy than a clean one.

Hi Tech Duct Cleaning recommends that you have your ductwork cleaned every 3-5 years for the average home. Getting set up on a regular maintenance routine like this will improve the health of your home and save you on that pesky utility bill. After all, wouldn’t you rather save a few more bucks for summer vacation instead?

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