Getting Your Ductwork Cleaned Amid COVID-19

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States are starting to open back up and relax some of the social distancing measures, which means that restaurants, stores, and businesses like ours are trying to find a new normal. Of course, that means that families like yours are also trying to find a new normal and you probably have questions like…


How much should I go out?

Should I wear a mask?

Is it safe to have people working in my house?

Should THEY wear a mask?


Plus probably a hundred other questions, right? Well, we can’t answer all of them, but we can tell you what we are doing and how we can keep your home clean and your family safe if you choose to have duct cleaning performed right now. 


We are open and booking appointments

Hi Tech has officially re-opened and is performing residential and commercial duct cleaning throughout our tri-state service area. Many people were happy to see us re-open and as a result, we are booked out a couple of weeks so if you call please know that we are doing our best to fit everyone in as soon as we are able. 

Right now, we are booking appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Should I have people working in my home?

We certainly can’t tell you what to do. But we can give some smart guidelines in keeping with what state and federal health experts are saying. 

If you or someone in your household has asthma, COPD, immune system problems, or other conditions that could put them at a higher risk of serious complications, we would recommend minimizing the number of people you have through your home.

However, if you or someone in your home has health concerns and have had lots of people through your home prior to the social distancing measures or even recently, then it may be in your best interest to have your ductwork cleaned now in addition to cleaning and sanitizing household surfaces. Because COVID-19 is thought to be primarily airborne, cleaning the ductwork that circulates air throughout your home can ensure you eliminate any contaminants or virus that may be hiding out. You can also check out our April blog post on keeping your home clean and healthy during COVID-19 for more great tips. 

As you can see, it’s really a judgment call centering on your family’s needs and concerns.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

If you do decide to schedule a duct cleaning appointment, here are the things we are routinely doing as well as what you can expect once we are in your home performing the work: 

  • All employee’s temperatures are checked each morning. Any employee with an elevated temperature is sent home.

  • Work vans are being cleaned weekly.

  • All duct cleaning equipment is being wiped down and sanitized after each individual job.

  • Employees wear face masks and shoe coverings inside of all homes and businesses

  • We will make sure your appointment does not include any personal contact (so no shaking hands for now)

  • Our employees will clean and sanitize all vents throughout the home

  • Our employees will clean and sanitize the inside of the furnace as well as the outside surfaces which they touched


Have a special concern? You can certainly let us know and if we can accommodate you, we will. 


If you would like to schedule, please call us today at (513)737-3200 to reserve your spot!


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