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Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of being in an enclosed space like a house, airplane, or restaurant where we’ve had some sort of reaction to someone’s perfume or a possible allergen that we couldn’t get away from. Maybe it made you feel nauseous or maybe you even broke out into hives or had a serious physical reaction. This definitely happened more often pre-COVID, but even now you are exposed to more things floating around in your ai than you probably realize.

Although we may not consciously think about it, we all know that indoor air quality can have a big, immediate impact on how we feel and how well our body functions. But how much have you thought through what that means for your daily life and the spaces you find yourself in each day (even if it’s mostly just your own home)? Especially if what’s bugging you is more hazardous than an annoying choice of perfume. 

Have you thought about what that could mean for your overall health, those with serious health challenges, or the healthcare system as a whole?

A few years back I was at a meeting where an administrator from a local hospital was speaking. She was saying that the hospital often sees patients who come in again and again to treat the same ailments and it can get frustrating because sometimes the root cause is a problem in their home or work environment. The hospital can treat them, but they know they’ll show up again with the same problem if they don’t fix the problem in their home. She specifically talked about mold, asbestos, pest infestations, dust mites, and high levels of dirt/dust in homes as a common culprit behind repeat visits to the emergency room. The hospital official said that this is a bigger problem than you might think. 

That got me thinking. And a few years later this memory still pops into my head from time because it’s more relevant than ever now.

Our company routinely removes substances like these from the ductwork of homes and businesses everyday. Many other service companies (restoration companies, cleaning services, pest control, etc.) help remove contaminants and hazards from homes and buildings, too. And right now, with the COVID-19 Omicron variant running rampant through our communities, there’s more risk than ever of spreading germs through the air around you.

Yes, we help people to make sure that their homes are clean, but after hearing this hospital administrator speak I realized that companies like ours are contributing to better wellness, less hospital visits, and better overall health outcomes for the people we serve, including those most at risj for the virus. 

That’s pretty amazing. But before I end this blog post, I want to take this information and use it to make some suggestions that you can actually use:

  • If you or anyone you know has a chronic health condition (COPD, asthma, diabetes, etc.), consider home cleaning services to ensure that your everyday environment is as healthy as possible and not contributing to anything that could irritate your chronic condition or lead to cotracting COVID-19 when it otherwise may have been prevented.
  • If you or anyone you know repeatedly gets sick or goes to the doctor/hospital, consider having your ductwork and other spaces in your home cleaned to remove any hazards or irritants that could be contributing to the problem.
  • Having a clean home helps drive healthcare costs lower by keeping you out of the doctors office and hospital. Make sure to get on a routine schedule for things like duct cleaning (every 3-5 years), carpet cleaning, and more to make sure your home (and you) stays healthy and your annual healthcare expenses stay as low as possible. 

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