How Quarantine Affects Your Ductwork

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It’s August and most of us have been working from home and mostly hanging out in the house since March. 

That’s roughly 6 months of time spent indoors. Most friends and family are sharing that their house is a bit of wreck from everyone being home so much. Kids who are bored making messes, adults trying to work, parent, homeschool, and still maintain their home…. Well, it all leads to a situation where things are a bit more messy than usual. 


But have you given any thought to the messes you can’t see?

Let me explain. When you and your family are indoors instead of at work, school, summer camp, or whatever else you would otherwise be doing, it isn’t just visible clutter that accumulates. Dust is made up of hair, dead skin cells, dirt, clothing fibers, and microscopic specks of all the various things that reside in your home (lint, tiny particles of toilet paper, and even plastic). And dust is accumulating at a more rapid rate than it would be if you were adhering to your normal schedule. 

Under normal circumstances, you’d likely be working 8 hours a day and your kids may be at a summer camp or other program to keep them occupied. That’s 8 hours (9-10 if you have a longer commute) that you would be out of your home every day. 

But if you, like so many Americans, are working from home and spending most of your waking hours in your house, then you are spending more time shedding skin cells, letting in pollen, using household items which invariably give off microscopic debris, etc. 


And where do all of those things go? Straight into your ductwork. 

And then that ductwork delivers air (and all that debris) to all the other rooms of your house. It also ensures that larger, heavier particles start to build up in the ductwork itself, ultimately making it dirty and an ideal place for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow. 


In a nutshell, quarantine (and even semi-isolation) is a perfect environment to make your ductwork and your home dirtier faster. 

If you haven’t had yours cleaned in a while or if you or your family have any health concerns, this is a great time to schedule your cleaning and make sure that your home stays as clean and healthy as possible, especially now that you’re spending so much time there.

If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Southeastern Indiana regions, give us a call. We would love to get you on the schedule or answer any questions you may have. (513)737-3200. 

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