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Hi Tech August 2019 - Other Peoples Dirt BLOG

You’ve heard us say before that if you buy a new house or finish renovations on your home, you should have your ductwork cleaned afterward to help remove the dust and debris. But you may not realize that it’s often a good idea to have the ductwork cleaned when you buy an existing home, also.

Much to our regret, not everyone knows how beneficial duct cleaning is and that means that many homes have never had it done. Still more may have it had it done a long time ago, but not in recent years. And when they go to sell that home that means that the new buyers will be living in the previous owners’ dirt. Literally.

The vast majority of the dirt in a home’s ductwork is made up of old skin cells, hair, lint, and all of the other bodily castoffs that circulate through the air. The heating ducts and air returns then pick up these small particles and send them hurtling through the ductwork to either get stuck in there or to contaminate other parts of the home. 

Pretty gross, huh?

We bring this up because right now the housing market is on fire. Tons of people are buying and moving into new homes, most of which had previous occupants. If that’s you, or you’re thinking of buying a home, make sure you plan to have the duct work cleaned. 

A reputable duct cleaning company (like us here at Hi Tech Duct Cleaning) will use a high-powered HEPA vacuum system to ensure all dirt and debris is removed from each part of the duct system and then will clean and sanitize that entire system. 

If you want to make sure that your new home’s last owners are truly gone, then you owe it to yourself to clean the ductwork and start with a clean slate for you and your family. 

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