Prep Your Home for Winter

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Fall is upon us and winter will be here before you know it.

Many of you are probably in the process of getting your home ready for the colder months, too. Let me guess. Your to-do list probably looks something like this, right?


  • Clean gutters
  • Rake leaves
  • Prep windows and doors
  • Change the furnace filter in preparation for turning on your furnace

While you’re prepping your home, don’t neglect your ductwork. In fact, add it to the list right now if you haven’t had the ductwork cleaned in a while (or ever).

When you turn your furnace on for the chilly fall and winter months you can often experience strange smells, mustiness, and an increase in allergic reactions. This happens because the ductwork lines which hot air flows through have been dormant all summer, accumulating dust and other irritants over time.

When you turn on your furnace, you’re disturbing these irritants for the first time in months and they get distributed throughout your home via the ductwork. This is the cause of the smells and even some early fall and winter colds.

According to the NADCA blog, dirt and dust are recirculated throughout your home five to seven times a day, on average. You can add any bacteria, mold spores, or other nasty hitchhikers which may be living in your ductwork to that list, too. Gross, huh?

Getting your ductwork cleaned in the fall before you need to turn on your furnace everyday can help you avoid all of this, and it also packs some additional benefits, too.

Getting your ductwork cleaned can lead to less dust, which could translate to less time spent cleaning. You could use that extra time to catch a football game or just spend some quality time with the family.

Having your ductwork cleaned can also reduce the effects of fall allergies and lead to fewer winter colds. That means less overall misery and maybe even less days you need to call in sick to work.

Increased energy savings are also associated with duct cleaning since it helps your entire system to run more efficiently. Who wouldn’t want a lower energy bill this winter?

If you’ve been thinking of getting your ducts cleaned, but haven’t made the leap, fall is the perfect time to do it.

Make it a part of your winter home prep routine and give us a call today at (513)737-3200 or contact us right on the website.

We are happy to answer all your questions and ensure that your home is happy, healthy, clean, and ready for the season.


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