Residential Pricing

The base price is $450.00 for the first 10 or less vents, and $20.00 for each additional vent over the first 10. 

For example, if you have 11 vents, the price would be $470.00, if you have 12 vents, it would be $490.00 and so on.

If you have multiple systems they will be $150.00 per system

Count both your heat/air vents and your returns.  Your vent count is a total of every opening

Please note that if you are in Ohio or Kentucky, we also have to add sales tax.

Commercial Pricing

Because commercial buildings vary widely in size and structure, we must see the building and HVAC system ourselves before giving a price. Please call (513)737-3200 to schedule a bid.

Residential Duct Cleaning Process

The following process is based on a normal sized home with one furnace in the basement.  This can vary if the unit is in the attic, closet, or laundry room or if the home is on a slab or a crawl space.


We use a HEPA vacuum system.  (HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air.)  They are 99.97% efficient.  This is the same filtration system that hospital operating rooms use to keep the airborne contaminants from getting into the incisions.  The benefit to you and your family is that we will contain all the contaminants in our system & not out in the air for you to breathe, which is extremely important if anyone has allergies, asthma, lung or heart disease.


We take our vacuum down to the basement and you have 2 main trunk lines that run off of your furnace.  One supplies heat/air to the entire home and the other brings return air back to the furnace.  We’ll cut a 12” hole in each one of these main trunk lines, starting with the heat/air side first.  We’ll run a hose from that opening to our vacuum system. Our vacuum has 2 to 3 times the vacuum power that your furnace has blowing power.  Once we’ve created a vacuum on the heat/air side of the air handler, outside we have a compressor and we’ll run a 5/8” hose through a door.  This is the same size hose you put air in your tires with, so we won’t have your door standing wide open. 


We will take this air hose to the furthest heat/air vent away from the air handler and we’ll take the register off, and we’ll clean and sanitize the register.  On the end of our air hose we have a forward air sweep.  It blows air in a 360° radius at 185 psi.  We’ll send this air sweep through the line, pushing all the dirt and debris to the main trunk line where the vacuum is hooked up.  Once we have the line clean, we’ll pull the hose out and if you choose we will spray an antimicrobial through the line to kill any mold or bacteria. Then we’ll put the register back on and continue this process throughout the house until we have done all of the heat vents. 


Then we’ll go downstairs and clean the main trunk line where we pushed everything, and we’ll spray the antimicrobial and disinfect the main trunk line and vacuum and disinfect the A coil for your air conditioning unit.  We will put a sheet metal access panel over the 12” hole. This is the same type access panel your heating & air company would put on if they had to go into the system. Then we will hook up to the cold air return side where we cut that 12” hole and repeat this same process with the return vents.  We also clean and disinfect that main trunk line and put a sheet metal access panel over that opening.  Then we will go into the bottom of the air handler and vacuum and sanitize the blower motor compartment.


The process will take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the size of the home and what we run into once we get into the system.

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