Who you gonna call (when things go really wrong)?

Hi Tech July 2019 - Who you gonna call

Things happen. Pipes burst, mold blooms, homes burn down, have soot blown everywhere, or even experience pest infestations. And when things like that go wrong, you probably call experts in restoration services, cleaning services, remediation, and more. As you should. 

But did you know that those companies often call in additional specialists to help them ensure they thoroughly deal with whatever problems are plaguing a business or home? 

They absolutely do, and when the ductwork or air quality in a building is compromised many of them call in duct cleaners to fix the problem. Hi Tech Duct Cleaning has been working hand in hand with other companies for decades for this very reason. 

Restoration companies such as Service Master and ServPro Restoration along with most of the major construction companies in the area call Hi Tech to help with restoration efforts after fires and floods. Mold remediation experts and testers across the Tri-State area likewise call us in to help them remove every trace of mold from the air circulated through ductwork in homes and businesses. Landlords and builders call us and we advise other duct cleaning companies and organizations across the country on how to best incorporate duct cleaning into an overall restoration strategy. 

Hi Tech has set the standard in duct cleaning restoration services for many, many years and it shows in how many other companies trust us to help their own customers.

If you personally experience a disaster in your home, business, or other building, make sure you call Hi Tech to help fix it or double check that your restoration company is using someone reputable.

When things go really wrong, who you gonna call?

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