Why Fall is the Best Time to Have your DuctWork Cleaned

Summer is coming to an end in our corner of the world and whether you’re a lover of sunshine or you’re looking forward to bonfires and pumpkin carving, one thing is for sure: fall is duct cleaning season.

That may not be an obvious fact, but there are actually lots of good reasons that back up why we say that fall is the absolute best time to get your ductwork cleaned. Below is our list and we hope that you’ll it use to consider scheduling your appointment soon or talking with your loved ones and friends about making their own appointments before time slots fill up (even if those appointments aren’t with our company).

#1 – As leaves fall, conditions are ripe for mold and fungi

Falling red, yellow, and orange leaves are beautiful. But as they build up they create perfect conditions for mold and bacteria and fungi. If they build up in gutters, eavestroughs, or exposed spots on your home they can ultimately lead to mold and bacteria coming into your home and being spread through your ductwork and the air that your family breaths. 

#2 – Your HVAC system is working overtime

In summer, many families throw open doors and windows and turn off the heat. But as the temperatures drop we shut up our homes and start to turn back on the heat. Our HVAC system starts back up and becomes the workhorse of our home throughout the fall and winter months. If your HVAC system is older, this can take a particular toll on it. But having clean ductwork can improve the entire HVAC system’s efficiency, keeping it from working as hard, extending its life, and keeping your family warm a few extra winters. 

#3 – Fall allergies are a pain

Many of us suffer from allergies and unfortunately, Spring is not the only season during which we have to worry about them. In fall allergy sufferers also have to combat pollen, ragweed, hay fever, and more. Although duct cleaning won’t eliminate your allergies, it absolutely can alleviate their severity in your home. 

#4 – As temperatures start to drop, families start to move indoors more

As fall weather starts to cool things off, most families start to spend more time indoors. Which is great, but if you’re going to be spending more time indoors you’re also going to be shedding more skin cells, creating more dust, taxing your HVAC system more, and you’re going to need a way to ensure that the indoor environment remains comfortable and healthy. Duct cleaning is a vital part of that plan. 

#5 – Flu season is coming and COVID is still hanging around
Poor indoor air quality is a serious cause of illness. And we all know that the fall is just the beginning of the normal flu season. Now, we will most likely need to begin preparing ourselves for fall and winter to be COVID-19 season as well. Both are airborne, respiratory diseases and in the case of COVID-19, we have reason to believe that the virus can survive for some time in the ductwork. To protect yourself and your loved ones it may be a good idea to have your ductwork cleaned by a reputable company who can not only rid the ductwork of debris but also sanitize it with an antimicrobial spray like the one we use. 

As summer comes to end we hope you’ve had some wonderful fun in the sun and are ready for some fall fun in the days ahead. 

If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area, give us a call now to schedule your duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning appointments for fall! 513-737-3200!

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