Your Healthy Home Guide for Spring

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Spring is here and that means increasing temperatures, the desire to open windows and let in the breeze, and of course, more things to do both inside and outside your home. For many, it also means that your family is looking to do some Spring cleaning and shake off the dust of winter, preparing for the season ahead. 


In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some common (and not-so-common) things you can do to make sure that your family is healthy and your home is clean and running like a well-oiled machine this Spring and Summer. 


Tip #1: Do some deep cleaning

Do some of the things that maybe you don’t do every day or every week to get your home in tip top shape. Things like cleaning baseboards, dusting for cobwebs on high light fixtures, and scrubbing inside of or behind your appliances can make a big difference in how clean your home looks and feels. If you’re short on time or dread this kind of cleaning, look into hiring a cleaning company. You will probably be surprised at how affordable it is to have a company deep clean your home once in a while. 


Tip #2: Give your windows some love

Since this is typically about the time of year that people start opening windows and doors to let a nice breeze in, take the time to check those windows and doors. What kind of shape are your screens in? Do all of the locks and springs work the way they should? If not, consider repairing or replacing them to ensure you can fully enjoy those beautiful Spring days. And definitely wash your blinds and window panes so you can let in all that gorgeous sunshine without dust and smudges blocking your rays.


Tip #3: Go Green
Taking care of our environment and our health is equally important. This Spring, consider using more environmentally-friendly cleaners for your weekly and daily cleaning needs. There are a ton of great brands out there, like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Method Home, Dr. Bronner’s, Better Life, and more. They work just as well as the brands which use harsher chemicals and you can feel great about doing your part to protect the environment and your loved ones. 


Tip#4: De-clutter closets and other junk traps

Now is a great time to go through closets, junk drawers, bathroom vanities, and all the little spaces where clutter accumulates throughout the year. Look for things you can pitch or donate and organize the rest so that it’s easily accessible and easier to 

keep clean. 


Tip #5: Don’t forget about the walls

Dust doesn’t just build up on furniture and ledges – it also accumulates on the walls themselves. This is a great time of year to wipe down your walls with a damp cloth to get all dust and grime off of them (it might even make your paint look fresher). 


Tip #6: Change your furnace filters

Furnace filters need to be changed regularly, but you can almost guarantee that you’ll need to do it in Spring. This is because all winter long your home is shut up and your furnace is recirculating dust and contaminants through your home. Switch out your filter now for a literal breath of fresh air. 


Tip #7: Allergy-sufferers should give air purifiers a try

If you suffer from allergies or any medical condition that could make you sensitive to what’s floating around in your air, consider trying an air purifier. They can be placed in any room and can help remove allergens, dust, and even unpleasant smells from the air you breathe. We like this affordable air purifier from Honeywell for use in homes.  


Tip #8: Clean out your dryer vent

I know we’ve said it a million times, but here it comes again: get your dryer vent cleaned out. Not only are clogged dryer vents one of the #1 causes of house fires, but in the Spring it’s also very common for birds to build nests in dryer vent openings, increasing your chances of a clog and a fire. 


Tip #9: Clean your ductwork

You knew this was coming, right? But that doesn’t make this any less of a solid tip. After all, your ductwork serves as the lungs of your home. It breathes in and carries dust, debris, allergens, contaminants, and all sorts of particles to every room in your home. If your ductwork isn’t clean, then the air in your home isn’t clean. And of course that means that your home isn’t really clean at all. So as you move through all of the other tips on this list, consider scheduling a duct cleaning appointment so that you family can enjoy the peace of a clean, healthy home this Spring and for the rest of the year!

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